Overcoming The Past

Empowering You To

Overcome Life’s Challenges.

Denver Therapy Sessions

Using the most effective and evidenced based approaches to help you overcome obstacles and barriers in your life and teach you skills to manage depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Looking for Denver Therapy Sessions? Look no further!


My specialty is working with individuals on a regular basis to overcome challenges, grow self-esteem, and improve well-being.

Ideal For:

Youth & Teens
Young Adults & Adults
Divorce / Relationship Recovery
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Issues
Millennial & Gen X Life Transition Management


Relationships are a give and take. A compromise. When both parties are willing to come together and talk openly—there’s no down side.

Ideal For:

Understanding Personality & Communication Styles
Learning Assertive & Supportive Communication
Learn to Fight Fair • Managing Finances
Improve Intimacy & Connection
Managing Separation/Divorce
Repairing Relationships after an Affair


Group therapy and team building exercises are a great way to improve morale and overcome challenges together.

Ideal For:

Engaging & Interactive Skills Groups
Instilling Hope, Connection, & Cohesiveness
Teaching Effective Skills to Manage Mental Health
Convenient Hours for Working Professionals

Troubled Teen? Your Covered!

Denver Therapy Sessions For Teens!

I specialize in working with—and coaching—teens and young adults. It can be a tough world to grow up in, and an even tougher age. Sometimes having an adult to speak with that isn’t a parent makes for a smoother transition. I’m in everyone’s corner!

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Areas For Improvement:

Every single person I work with is different. So why shouldn’t our time together reflect that. These are general principles and disciplines for discussion to help us understand one another as we work to build something better.

What I Can Help You Achieve

Personal happiness | Self-esteem | Purpose | Confidence

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Parent/Child Relationships
  • Upraising
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Communication Patterns
  • Identity Projection
  • Blockers
Problem Solving
  • Negative Feedback Loops
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Patterns & Habits
  • Support Circles
  • Environmental Impact
Identity & Growth
  • Identity Politic
  • Goals & Reward Centers
  • Known Obstacles
  • Planned Progress
  • Appreciation Mindset
Common Stressors
  • Over-committing
  • Obligations vs. Traps
  • Perceived Identity
  • Value Situations
  • Time

Your Turn to Make a Move!

Stop looking in the rearview and take back control of your life! I offer a free screening appointment to discuss therapy options.

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