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Keynote Concerts! Messages That Motivate & Rock!

It’s all about positive affirmation, self-fulfillment, visualization, and inspiration. You know you can handle it. That’s all there is to it. I put that to music and create engaging and inspirational corporate and group experiences! Are you ready for a Keynote Concert?

Live Performance and Motivational Music from Phil J Stone

Why Keynote Concerts?

Keynote concerts are the perfect way to inject passion and excitement into your corporate group or event!

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Live Performances

Musical experiences and motivation speaking from exciting professionals and personal experiences.

Personal Transformations

Sharing difficult experiences helps lift others—and ourselves—up. Together we’ve got this!

Team Building Exercises

We’re all about sharing experiences with one another. We’re in this together. Let’s build on that!

Award-Winning Performance

Professionally sourced and built on over 20+ years of social workin and counseling!

What Is A Motivational Keynote Concert?

Keynote concerts take your message to the next level. Phil can provide custom song compositions plus relatable and engaging pop music to inspire your team or audience and connect with them at an emotional level to truly move them. A power slogan or message set to music will resonate with your audience and stay with them. Phil will record this message of hope and inspiration with professional musicians and provide a downloadable song for your team to have with them to inspire them even after the concert.

Keynote Kick-Offs

Engage, inspire, and energize your audience. This jumpstarts the brain to use both left and right halves—to process and manage information AND think creatively. Connect with your audience at the emotional level to help them reconnect with the ‘why’ of their profession!


With training in psychotherapy and mindfulness, Phil can include visualization success and grounding so your audience can get the most out of the content. Visualization gives the brain a chance to absorb and process information—especially effective during long workshops!

Meeting Hits

Offer an emotional connection to your meeting or event topic. This provides a fun and playful atmosphere to break the ice and entertain your audience. It also creates a positive attitude and energy for your attendees!

Keynote Closers

Reconnect with your audience at the emotional level and reinforce your message in a memorable and lasting way. Send your audience out from the event re-energized and talking about how amazing the event was—while inspired to make change!

About Phil's Keynote Concerts & Workshops

Using his motivational keynote concert approach, award-winning Composer—Phil Stone—provides hope and healing, engaging humor and entertainment, and positive motivating power songs. You have heard Phil’s compositions on America’s Next Top Model, MTV Road Rules and Sweet 16, Oxygen channel shows, ABC family channel’s Wildfire, and more. Phil is a professional speaker who has given talks on a variety of topics including trainings at workshops in the behavioral health arena as well as motivating uplifting concerts for audiences around the country. Phil shares a message of inspiration and hope through engaging and humorous high energy pop music.

Phil is currently training with the Colorado speakers Academy with the industry leader in Keynote concerts Jana Stanfield Phil is honored to be working with Jana and continues to be in awe her Talent grace and poise in delivering a message of hope.

Phil Stone works with Event Planners to kick off or close their event with an engaging high energy upbeat power music Keynote that sends the audience inspired, motivated and ready to take on the world!

Upcoming Keynotes & Concerts

Check back soon for more Keynote Concert dates!

Music speaks where Words fail and Phil does it masterfully!

Grant H.Austin, TX

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